Kingfisher Elfins/Pioneers/Venturers


Location: Folville Junior School, Folville Rise, Leicester, LE3 1EE
Meeting time: Wednesdays at 18:30

The Kingfisher woodcraft folk in Leicester have been running for 20 years now and have seen many people walk through its doors. We are a group that enjoy many types of activities and always have something for every one. Our activities are always focused on the aims and principles the woodcraft folk run by. I myself am the group contact for the group and have been comming to this group since I was 11 and now I have been given this opportunity to help run this group.

As we are 20 years old this fall we are hosting a reunion which will take the form of a barn style dance with the Green Shoots ceili band who are going to put the generations of the Kingfisher woodcraft folk in their pace. This will be an event that will be fun filled and action packed...

So on a final note if you are in our area and are looking for an experience that will last your child a life time (hey and even yourself as many of our parents like to help) then send me an email or text and I will chatt with you about our group.

If you have any questions about this group and what we do do not hesitate to contact me I will also put the program for our autumn term on this page once it is filled... (Watch this space for more information)