Kelvingrove Woodchips


Phone: 07814 558431
Location: Kelingrove Park, Glasgow, G12 8NR
Meeting time: Wednesdays at 18:00

Our Woodchips are our youngest members, aged from 0 up until about 6. Due to the age range we ask that a parent or carer stays with their child/ren for the duration of the session.

The Woodchip group nights usually involve lots of running around, interspersed with short periods of more focused activity. We are a very relaxed and inclusive group, and as we are parent led, we are very sympathetic to the needs of our younger members.

We always meet at the same place and time as the older groups (not Garnethill), Wednesday from 1800 to 1900, so it is very easy to have children in different groups.

This term's Woodchip activities:

  • Story Sticks
  • Making bows and arrows
  • Make a miniature garden
  • Co-operative games / Kites not Drones
  • Mini camp
  • World Habitat Day Make a Monster workshop
  • Origami
  • Animal games
  • Guerilla gardening
  • Communal painting
  • Puppet making
  • Co-operative obstacle course
  • Torch walk
  • End of term celebration

As well as this there is the opportunity to go on hostel weekends, as well as participating in Glasgow, and Scotland wide events. 

As you can see we get up to lots of different things, this term we will be moving inside after a few weeks, and this term's theme is "Span the World with Friendship".  If you'd like to see some more photos of what we get up to, have a look at our Facebook page.

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