Mahlangu Venturers


Location: Brunswick Primary, Somerhill Road, Hove, BN3 1RP
Meeting time: Wednesdays at 20:00


Mahlangu venturers is a diverse group of 12-16 year olds, which meets from 8:00-9:30pm on Wednesdays at Somerhill junior school hall. Our group currently has people from five different secondary schools, and both people who’ve been in Woodcraft since Elfins and people who joined the organisation this year.


At Woodcraft the venturers always decide what they want to do in the sessions, and are encouraged to run their own activities. This term we have done jewellery making, made collages and discussed gender and sexualisation in the media, gone bowling and looked into diversity in our group – a good mix of ‘education for social change’ and other fun activities.


Every October we have a 24 hour overnight camp at Castlemere fruit farm in Kingston, which is great chance for everyone to get to know each other better, particularly the new members of the group. Most years we have a big presence at the Burning of The Clocks festival of the winter solstice, and often collaborate with the arts charity Same Sky – in 2011 we even made it into the Guardian! Every year we have a district summer camp, except when there is a national camp such as Vcamp in 2013, which was attended and hugely enjoyed by many of our then-venturers.


Our group has a long history of internationalism and international delegations, including delegations to India, Senegal, Egypt, Peru, Austria, Germany, Hungary, and most recently South Africa in April 2013. There were about 12 venturers who went to SA, and worked at a corrugated iron nursery in Orange Town that the group has been fundraising for for many years, before going on a South African safari at the end of the trip. It was a great experience that everyone involved will remember for a long time.


New members are very welcome; the cost is £15 per term to cover hall rental but you won’t be asked to contribute until you’ve come a few times and have joined the group properly.