Birmingham South

Woodcraft Folk South Birmingham get outdoors when we can, work with and support other local community groups, and take an outward looking, internationalist approach to spanning the world in friendship.
There are 3 groups in Moseley and Kings Heath:
  • Elfins for school years 3-5
  • Pioneers for school years 6-8
  • Venturers for school years 9+
Each September there is a cohort of children from Elfins and Pioneers old enough to go up to the next age group and these will have priority for places.
This naturally creates more spaces for new children to join the Elfins group, and some spaces for new children to join Pioneers/Venturers, mostly in September but occasionally at other times of the year.
If your child is interested in joining the group, please email:
Include your child’s name and date of birth. If your child is likely to gain a place within the next 12 months, they will be added to the waiting list. If not, you will be asked to email again the following year. We no longer accept children onto the waiting list for longer than 12 months.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer leader, or starting up a new group, or just finding out more, please get in touch.