St Albans

Welcome to St Albans Woodcraft Folk!

We are a busy, growing district with two elfin groups (aged 6-9), the Epic Elfins meeting on Thursday and the Peace Elfins on Friday evenings. We also have a pioneer group (10-12) and a venturer group (13-15). Both meet on a Friday.

We hold weekly group nights where children learn about and explore various issues and ideas through fun activities, with plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking and camping. We run a very varied programme - with so many leaders we have many skills to share :-) Activities include drama, filming, craft, games, firelighting, bushcraft, nature and environmental themes, art, cooking, discussions and debating. Find out what we get up to on our group blog.

Our groups run by parent cooperative - there is no overall leader.  All parents/carers take a share in either running the sessions and/or doing behind-the-scenes administrative roles. There are some established parents involved and lots of newer ones and we all learn on the job as it were! But don't let that put you off - it's lots of fun and very rewarding :-) 

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