District information for new members

Below are examples of the information Woodcraft Folk Districts give to new members and volunteers, to make them feel welcome and help them get involved in the running of the group or District. 

It's really important to share how your District works but it can be a challenge to put together all the necessary information, which may have been kept in people's heads for many years and take some translating to make clear on paper. So we've gathered some great examples of what works for Districts who've already put the time in - hopefully these can make everyone else's (voluntary!) job easier. 

These examples are part of Section G, an appendix to the Volunteer Toolkit produced by Woodcraft Folk Scotland.

Example Leeds District - Welcome note.doc27.5 KB
Example Leicester District - Venturers local info.doc33 KB
Example Stroud Valley District - local info.doc171.5 KB
Example Sheffield Porter & Don District - local welcome information.doc28 KB
Example Tolworth and Kingston District - local information.doc41.5 KB