Volunteer role descriptions

In order to explain how your group or District works to new members and parents - and also to recruit new volunteers - it's useful to have information to give them, including what roles people take on and what these roles involve. It may seem straightforward to the person who's been your Membership Secretary for the last five years, but when they want to hand the role on, everyone else may view it with anxiety and feel that they could never do such a good job! 

Collected here are examples of volunteer role descriptions used by Woodcraft Folk Districts who've kindly volunteered the ones they use. These are appendices to Section G of the Volunteer Toolkit produced by Woodcraft Folk Scotland (contact Fleur for copies).

The last download in the list below is Boveney District's procedure for ensuring all new members can be involved and supported to volunteer. 

(Volunteer Toolkit c 5) Example Volunteer Co-ordinator role description.docx621.49 KB
(Volunteer Toolkit g 1) Example Group Leader Duties.doc30 KB
(Volunteer Toolkit g 2) Example Boveney District - Job Descriptions.pdf23.11 KB
(Volunteer Toolkit g 3) Example Stroud Valley District - Membership Secretary role description.doc38 KB
(Volunteer Toolkit g 4) Example Stroud Valley District - Chair role description.doc29.5 KB
(Volunteer Toolkit g 5) Example Stroud Valley District Coordinator role description.doc36.5 KB
(Volunteer Toolkit g 6) Example Stroud Valley District - Group Guardian role description plus inclusion post.doc27 KB
(Volunteer Toolkit g 7) Example Stroud Valley District - Treasurer role description.doc39 KB
(Volunteer Toolkit g 12) Example Boveney District - new members procedure.pdf23.56 KB
(Volunteer Toolkit c 6) Example Liss District - Group Leader Duties.doc32 KB