Venturer Committee

TREE supported the creation of new ways to involve young people to participate and we helped establish the first ever Venturer Committee, bringing about national representation for 13—15 year olds across the movement. The Steering Group were instrumental in exploring how the Venturer Committee could work and helped in getting it going at Venturer Camp 2010.

A committee can be many things: a decision maker, an informer, a problem solver.

Venturer Committee is all of these things (along with quite a few others); an organisation of three years so far, designed to give Venturers across the country a louder voice at a national level. Re-elected every year, this group of 15 representatives work hard to solve everything thrown at them and present the views of those around them.

We aim to engage as many Venturers and Venturer groups as possible in our decision making process, not just by standing for Committee, but even by speaking to someone already on committee or by helping them get involved with something they're interested in. This can be by directing them to relevant committees or people and making sure they get a chance to contribute.

By standing for Venturer Committee itself, Venturers get the chance to take on some responsibility and aid in making important, relevant decisions. You get the chance to make new friends, discover your strengths and further your understanding of Woodcraft - all that's needed is to write a short manifesto that will be put to a country-wide vote though out Venturers. I encourage you all to stand; it's an eye-opening and enjoyable experience.

Overall, Venturer Committee is a body to act as a front for all Venturers, something that may take some work but defiantly worth every second. 

- Alex, Venturer Committee member 


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