Twinning at a events

Twinning at camps and events

Camps and events such as training or regional gatherings are often places where Woodcraft Folk members go to socialise, network and form new friendships. So this these places are ideal to build twinning into. Twinning can be something that last one weekend or for years, it can be big or small. As with all Woodcraft Folk it’s about what’s best for the members not rules and structures.

See attached a guide to help you do this at your events and camps.

Weekend Twinning

Twinning can simply be built into a weekend training or gathering. A list of all the district present can be used to write up twinning relationships for the weekend and displayed so all can see. Then ask the groups to look out for their twin and try to support each other while getting to know each other over the weekend. This can be encouraged throughout the weekend by getting twins to work together and set up networking time. If possible follow this up after the week by sharing the list with the write up and sharing twin’s emails, even send emails to help link up twins. If these twins only last the weekend that’s fine but hopefully they develop into a more long term relationships.  

Find below blank twinning adverts and information that can be printed out for your events.

Camp Twinning

Twinning at camp could be similar to above but camps give the opportunity to do more. At bigger camps twinning can happen between villages or towns depending on the size. The twins can then be set projects or challenges that can be done together or one side of the twin does and gives it to the other side. Ideally this will create something physical so it can be shared wider and after the camp. Projects and challenges should be simple and require little equipment to make it possible to do on the camp. The project or challenges can be linked to the camp theme or a task that needs doing. While the projects or challenges should be given when everyone is on site, who people are twinned with can be included in the pre camp information.

V-Camp 2013 Twinning

At V Camp 2013 the TREE team twinned the camp villages together and set them all a challenge. They gave each village half the text for the challenge in a fortune cookie (As that was the theme of their centre) so each village had to find the other to get the full challenge. The challenges were:

  • Create a Venturerscape
  • Create a junk band
  • Create a political Vox Pop

Two of the three twins completed the challenges and these were showed at the closing ceremony of the camp. While the third twin instead decided to do other activities together such as social event, which still had the same effect as the challenges.

Download the information that was given out to village at the bottom of the page  

Lonely Hearts

A lonely hearts theme can be added to twinning as well. This way groups can write a lonely heart looking for another groups for a twinning friendship and they can add anything they are particular looking for such as support with recruitment or a intercity district looking for a rural group to link up with. This also opens it up for groups to be creative and have some fun. Lonely hearts can be advertised at training weekends, camps and in the past there was a section in The Courier. There is even a section on the website that has been used in the past:

Make sure there is way for interested groups to get in touch such as an email. When on camp or at training if there can be time for lonely hearts to meet at the event that’s always a good idea to strengthen the chances of a possible friendship. Make a note of which groups are looking for a twin and if possible who are interested in being their twin is useful for following up after events.   

See below resources to help you set you lonely hearts at your events.

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