Take action

There are lots of ways to campaign, collaborate and make change with Woodcraft’s help:

  • Join a project like MEST-UP (and DFs have plenty of other projects going on too)
  • Got an idea for change in your local community? Start your own Action Project.
  • Want to support refugees and asylum seekers? Campaign for A Right to Refuge.
  • Enjoy writing for the web or got a story to tell? Become a Woodcraft Reporter.
  • Met a like-minded cause you'd like to work with? Invite them along to your group and explore how you could team up.

If you aren't sure what you'd like to do but you know you want to make a difference, there are a few places to go for inspiration:

Woodcraft Folk's Aims and Principles. You've seen them before, and they feel like common sense. There are probably two or three that your Woodcraft group is particularly interested in, and enjoys discussing and putting into practice. Are there any you haven't thought about recently, or any that you think your community could do with a bit more of? Your group could start a project to involve other members of your community in one of Woodcraft's principles, eg co-operation or peace. 

Have a group brainstorm. TREE has produced one or two group night activities you can use to explore what issues people in your group feel are important, and what sort of action you could take on them. Download them and run them yourself, or ask the TREE team for a visit. One is the campaign workshop and another is Choose It Plan It Do It which contacts lots of ways to come up with ideas and turn them into plans.