Strategic plan 2018-2025

Woodcraft Folk's Strategic Plan 2018-2025 can be downloaded here [opens in a new window].

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Background information

During the Spring term of 2017 young members were asked to share their vision of Woodcraft Folk in the future.

Members shared:

  • What they enjoyed about Woodcraft Folk
  • What they felt were the essential elements of a successful group
  • What they thought were the priorities for the organisation from their perspective

Click here for a summary of what our members said.

The views of our young members were then consider at Folk Assembly, and a list of priorities identified which included:

  • Empowering young people
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Growth and sustainability of groups
  • Having enough leaders who are trained and supported
  • Engaging with nature
  • Recognition
  • Big camps
  • Creating a stronger movement
  • Internationalism

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The list of priorities were shared with our membership during training and regional gatherings. The 9 topics above were condensed into the following:

 1. Creating a stronger movement, ensuring we have more inclusive groups led by creative, ambitious and dynamic volunteers. 

2. Empowering children and young people, supporting them to engage in decisionmaking at all ages as well as enabling them to have their voices heard on the issues which matter to them. 
3. Increasing inclusion and diversity amongst our groups, as well as proactively reaching out to new communities to expand existing groups and develop new groups. 
4. Getting the recognition the movement deserves by becoming better known and understood through effective partnerships and active campaigning. 
5. Providing a principled based programme to children and young people based on our aims and principles, but especially providing opportunities to: 
  • Take action on issues important to young people
  • Demonstrate international solidarity
  • Camp
  • Engage with nature. 

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Have your say..

Feed into the next strategic plan for Woodcraft Folk by being part of our movement-wide consultation.

In your groups, districts and regional committees start discussing how together we can make positive change and achieve our shared vision.

Please use this form to share what actions your group can take, but also to make suggestions for what you would like to see happen across the movement. 

Please return your completed forms to by 31st December 2017.

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Responses so far

During the Midlands Regional gathering members came together and made the following suggestons for possible actions.


  • Increasing parent involvement
  • Produce a local welcome pack
  • Buddying and mentoring
  • Share programme ideas
  • Facebook page, closed group to publicise
  • Group page on Woodcraft Folk website
  • Continue to invite others in the region to our District camps


  • Induction pack for new members (but we recognise the cost) – possibly just a welcome card.
  • National reps to visit groups
  • More members
  • Training
  • Schools video
  • Existing leader training
  • Refresh training
  • Ensuring quality of leaders
  • Regional meetings
  • Help and advice
  • Training for trainers
  • Support for existing groups in trouble
  • Support for District leaders



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