Stop the war Campaign

Photograph: Richard Searle


We have been involved in the peace movement since our early days as an organisation in the 1920s. Since our AGM in 2002 when we affiliated to Stop the War Coalition (StWC) and passed motions in support of Boycotting Israel and using action alongside education, we have highly active in StWC protests, conferences and demonstrations. Many people recognise us as the children’s organisation with the parachutes at anti-war demonstrations, singing songs of peace and international solidarity.

We have strong links with many local StWC groups, support their events and we have a great relationship with the National Chair of StWC and Woodcraft supporter Jeremy Corbyn MP. In a the run up to the Don’t Attack Iran protest of February 2012 he argued that; “Political leaders all imagine that waving the flag of patriotism and war will somehow or another magic away the misery of austerity. They are wrong. The generation that opposed the Afghan and Iraq wars in their millions is not going to stand for yet another conflict to waste resources, destroy lives and make the world and even more dangerous place.”

We are that generation and as an organisation and we will continue to educate for peace, internationalism, justice and equality. 


See the latest StWC statements:

The revolutions across Northern Africa the Middle East have thrown up many questions for the anti-war movement. 

StWC has a list of anti-war songs it updates regularly. 

Michael Rosen (former Children’s Laureate and Woodcraft Folk supporter) reads a poem dedicated to the children of Gaza 

Tony Benn (President of Stop the War) speaking at the recent StWC Rally against military in Iran and Syria