Secrets and Tourists

From “Herald of the Folk” in the 20's, through “The Pioneer” of the 30's, “The Helper” and “The Torch” in the 40's and 50's, “New Day” and “The Sunrise” in the 70's, “The Green Company” of the 80's and “Woodcraft World” of more recent times, Woodcraft Folk has had a rich and varied history of quality printed news delivered to the membership. When asked if you wanted more paper through your doors you said “yes!”. I am, therefore, overjoyed that you have now reached the end of the first issue of this member-wide edition of The Courier.
This newspaper (or at least its younger sister) was born at CoCamp. CoCamp radically decentralised and stripped the hierarchy from our organisational methods for camping. The Courier has the same aims for the dissemination of news and ideas. (A paper of the members, for the members by.... you know the rest). 
A 'Courier' is, according to my dictionary, four different things. In this edition we hope we have lived up to our name: 
Firstly as 'a messenger of official business': Filled with updates of upcoming events, ribbons of resources and breaking news from across the globe, our official business here at The Courier is to be a tool for engaging members and a platform of quality communication, helping to further engage young people in all of our activities. (Please send any contributions to 
Secondly, a Courier is 'a carrier of secret information': We all know secrets are the most exciting sort of news. Have another glance over the centre spread to see cutting edge reporting on the secret methods from districts from across the UK - an exposé of how they help young people to become young leaders. What is more, did you notice that this is a time of growth (Woodcraft Folk is a secret too good to keep!).
Thirdly, we strive to be 'a personal attendant helping you on a journey'. When an organisation is expanding, we believe it needs a forum for its members to share ideas, news, concerns, experiences and advice. This is what we hope to offer: look to Auntie-Bacterial our resident agony aunt to guide you through all your Woodcrafting worries, see our group night activities page for helpful inspiration or lend Ghee an ear and seek help from the wise words of a veteran leader. (I hope this will be a staple – nominate next issue's veteran voice by emailing
Finally, a Courier is 'a guide for tourists'. The theme of this issue ('what does it mean to volunteer for Woodcraft Folk?') makes it a great guide to leave in the staff room at work, to share at the community centre or to pass to a friendly parent at the school gate. 
What is more, I hope this paper is a bearer of good news, a carrier of the weary, a dispatcher of world friendship, an emissary of local stories, an envoy for young people's participation, a go-between for our members and supporters, a gopher of discussion, a herald of our widening reach, the intelligencer of veterans and newbies, a runner for critical awareness in young people, a guide from the members voices and a representative for all. (Yes, I also have a thesaurus). 
More than anything I hope our inbox will be flooded with letters, articles, photos and requests to join the editorial team.
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