Safeguarding Guidance & Procedures

Safeguarding our members is very important to Woodcraft Folk, and there are many useful documents to help us work safely and respond well to any concerns.

Attached below are the following documents which guide our safeguarding and useful forms for local groups and Districts to implement good practice.

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Safeguarding recommended practice.pdf256.77 KB
Woodcraft Folk Code of Conduct242.98 KB
Safeguarding Checklist for Groups and Districts nov 2019.pdf358.22 KB
Membership, Groups & District Compliance Minimum Expectations procedure612 KB
Safeguarding Overview updated 2019.pdf670.54 KB
Transport Guidance.pdf282.84 KB
Social Networking and Communication Guidance April 2017.pdf524.3 KB
Local Safeguarding Officer Task Description_1.pdf258.03 KB
Camp Checklist October 2017.pdf673.3 KB
Checklist & Guidance for First Aiders.pdf933.97 KB