Right to Refuge in Cheltenham

All our local Woodcraft groups have benefitted from the Right to Refuge campaign. We have each tried one or two things from the campaigns website; all of these have been valuable not only to the growth of our Woodcraft group but have also helped our local asylum seekers settle in to their new home. Why don’t you, at the click of a button, find your local asylum seekers group on Google? By building up links between our Woodcraft groups and the local community we can help out in developing a friendship that profits all.Every refugee that comes to this country is in need of assistance which all Woodcraft groups can give, not only through material wealth but also through a long standing friendship. Raising money for a local asylum seekers group can be much easier than you think: simply through selling cakes or packing bags at your local supermarket. This little gesture can enable asylum seekers to put food on their plates, something not always easy.

This very website offers many ways to raise awareness of the struggle that is the daily life of many asylum seekers; the games are all enlightening to not only DFs but also the youngest of Elfins. We have ourselves completed many activities to the fascination of our youngest members and the allure of our elder associates. The feelings summarised by the local Elfins portray what many were thinking on such a thought provoking occasion - “Why aren’t they welcome in our country?”

George, Cheltenham Venturer


Click here to see Right to Refuge activities you can run with your Woodcraft Folk group.

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