Woodcraft Folk posters, leaflets and flyers

On this page you can download posters and flyers

Hard copies of these resources are available from Folk Office. Email info@woodcraft.org.uk.

Tip - you can put details about your group/district in the blank spaces provided on each leaflet. 






























Bilingual leaflets 

Generic Woodcraft Folk poster.pdf673.33 KB
General alternative 1 poster_general.pdf1.7 MB
General alternative 2 poster_general.pdf1.65 MB
Blank flyer (black and white).pdf169.48 KB
Blank flyer (colour).pdf99.45 KB
Pioneer poster for download.pdf561.59 KB
Venturer poster for download.pdf354.15 KB
A4 recruitment poster.pdf7.84 MB
A5 Elfin recruitment flyer.pdf9.04 MB
A5 Pioneer Leaflet (double sided).pdf6.11 MB
A5 Venturer Leaflet (double sided).pdf5.79 MB
Volunteer poster5.65 MB
Volunteer poster (NewGroups2014-2016).pdf259.19 KB
Volunteer flyer.pdf927.35 KB
Families flyer.pdf3.27 MB
Families flyer (Scotland).pdf3.31 MB
Woodcraft Folk General information leaflet 2.03 MB
Bilingual flyer MANDARIN (1).pdf1.49 MB
Bilingual flyer URDU (1).pdf1.8 MB
Binlingual flyer ARABIC.pdf1.82 MB