What's the point of recruiting more children if we already have enough in the group?

  • Children will move on to older age groups, or leave the group for other reasons.
  • Keeping on with promotion is a good way to keep looking outwards - it is a great start in working towards making your group inclusive and reflective of your local community. 
  • New children bring new ideas and new blood – when a group has been going with the same people for a term or two, it becomes harder for new people to feel a part of the group quickly. This is the case for adults as well as children - don't forget that new children may well bring new adults willing to get involved.
  • If you're in the habit of regular promotional work, your group is unlikely to decline. But even if it does, there will be much less of a panic about what to do about it. 
  • Getting a steady stream of new faces also prevents the group from settling around children of a particular age. When this happens it becomes harder to recruit children who are older or younger than the norm. 
  • Maintaining a waiting list means that you will have no gaps in children paying subs. This will lead to a far more stable financial position for your group than if numbers fluctuate. 


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