What is the Woodcraft Way?

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Has your group ever wondered what the 'Woodcraft Way' actually is? Invite people to discuss what they think it means, and then to write a poem or song to explore or explain it. You could use the poem below as inspiration - it was written by one of the parents at Sheffield District's Gradbach camp in 2010.

During the Sheffield District's Gradbach camp 2010 there was much discussion of "the Woodcraft Way". Sam decided that our new earth toilets summed it up ..

What is the Woodcraft Way?

By Sam Charlesworth

The Woodcraft way the woodcraft way we all want to know whats the woodcraft way.
But what defines us?
Or refines us?
confines us or reminds us?
of what makes us special,
in a woodcraft way.

Is it the food?
Welll..., amazing meals of monumental complexity
incorporating ingredients of fundamental perplexity
making a menu of delightful dexterity is all part of the woodcraft way.

Except pickled turnips which should not be allowed
and too many pulses which make your farts loud
and fighting for a seat in the marquee crowd
and trying something new to make your mum proud (and then seriously regretting it!!)
Is that part of the woodcraft way?

Is it the craft?
Well.....,sticky backed plastic with stretchy elastic,
leads to pretty damn fantastic strange artwork
which weaves the light fantastic throught thought and emotion
Causing artistic excitement and visual commotion

Except....,the mess causes distress
to ladies of finesse
who find the tangle of wool and string
a perplexing thing
at the end of the day as they pack away
and are driven to strong liquor to reduce their stress levels quicker

Is it the camping which gives woodcraft it's je ne sais quoi?
Well...., tents are like woodcrafters they come in all shapes and sizes,
with sensible small vangos and mansions and high rises.
Porches and curtains enclose inflatable beds
which gradually deflate leaving uncomfortable heads.


no matter the organisational zeal of parents who try
to instill in their little angels a need to comply
with systems of clothes management which promise salvation
from chaos and dirt and damp and infestation.
Left by themselves in the Stygian grey
The clothes will have their dastardly way
And explode round the tent to everyone's dismay leaving socks and knickers in complete disarray.

Should we talk about toiletting and holes in the ground where the graveyard of human excrement is found?
Male or female
Old or young
We work together to construct a communal pile of steaming dung.
It's collective, inclusive and open to all
contributions are welcome no matter how big or small
its all about caring
and giving and sharing with all those around
And joy of joy it enriches the ground

Excitement, oh happiness - a moment of clarification
The essence of Woodcraft captured through sanitation.