What is a typical group night?

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A typical group night varies depending on the age of the children attending but most would normally involve collecting subs on arrival, whilst there was a drop-in game or activity taking place whilst waiting for everyone to arrive.

When all children and adults had arrived it is common practice to have a circle to say the Creed, to make any announcements, share news with each other and explain what is going to happen at group night. Circles are often followed by a game, an activity and then either another game or some singing. Groups normally end by singing 'Link your hands together', our traditional closing song. This will vary from group to group and from week to week, but this gives an idea of roughly how a group night runs.

You may find the example programme and welcome info sheet in our admin guidance page helpful. 

For more ideas about groups nights visit the resources section of the website, where you will find tried and tested activities for all ages: www.woodcraft.org.uk/resources.


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