What is a member?

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In simple terms a member is anyone who participates in Woodcraft Folk, and can be an adult or a child. Woodcraft Folk is a membership organisation and involves children as members of local groups and young people and adults as members of the national movement.

In most cases when we refer to a ‘Member’ we mean adults who are required to become a member of the national organisation before they can volunteer with children. There is a membership fee that is required annually to maintain membership.

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Adults can join as Full Members, which requires them to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check. A DBS check is essential for all adults working directly with children e.g. overnight or more than once a month.

It is also possible for adults to join as Supporter Members, which does not require a DBS check. Supporter Members are those who do not work directly with children but wish to support the aims and principles of Woodcraft Folk. 

Free membership is available to under 16s who want to connect with the national organisation and hear directly about news and opportunities around Woodcraft Folk. 

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