What commitment is expected of volunteers and parents?


As a minimum, we expect you to uphold our aims & principles and safeguard our children & young people.

Anyone who does help out should familiarise themselves with the policies and proceedures that ensure Woodcraft Folk is a fun and safe environment for all. 


There is no individual obligation to commit to a set number of hours, but collectively there is a responsibility to cover all the tasks involved in running the group.


Tasks need to shared out carefully, so that no-one feels over burdened. To do this, each volunteer must be clear about the time and tasks they can offer to the group. Here are some resources to help you do that: 

When you're starting out, you will want everyone to sign up as members. For the group, its important that enough adults are signed up because you need at least two full members to attend each group night. However, its important to highlight the other benifits of membership, as people might feel as though signing up means there will be more pressure to get involved. 

There is no obligation to help run the group just because you are a member. 


Parents and carers

We encourage parents and carers to support the group (this might not be by working directly with the children) but we don’t exclude children if their adult(s) aren’t able to volunteer.

All groups are run differently, but your group may go through periods where they need  more parents to get involved for the group to continue. There are resources to help you find new volunteers and encourage parents to join on our volunteer recruitment page, but you should be clear with new families about how groups operate to avoid differing expectations. 

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