Volunteer Co-ordinator role description

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Below is a suggested description for the role of Volunteer Co-ordinator for a group or District in Woodcraft Folk. You can also download it as a Word file. This document is found in the Volunteer Toolkit available online or in print from Folk Office.

If your District has any other volunteer role descriptions you'd like to share with the rest of the movement, do get in touch.

Overall role and responsibility

Woodcraft Folk groups require volunteers to ensure group nights and camps continue to be delivered on a local level. This role has been designed to prioritise the recruitment, support and training of new volunteers at a District level. This role is not responsible for DBS checks and membership screening.

Specific responsibilities

1. Support the District to develop clear volunteer role descriptions, using the agreed template
2. Maintain a list of volunteer roles and opportunities within your District
3. Receive and respond to all enquiries from potential volunteers
4. Develop a relationship with local volunteer recruiting bodies e.g. Volunteer Centre, Student Community Action etc.
5. Co-ordinate volunteer recruitment activity, with input from District and group members
6. When recruiting volunteers you should endeavour to match them to an appropriate role and offer induction and training for that role
7. Offer ongoing advice and support to volunteers, signposting them to appropriate training and mentoring
8. Promote and ensure compliance with Woodcraft Folk’s Volunteer Policy
9. Celebrate volunteering by nominating volunteers for awards and organising celebration events
10. Report any volunteering concerns or issues to the Membership Development Manager
11. Keep confidential all personal records held on any potential volunteers in your District

Key contacts

You should be in regular contact with your local District Co-ordinator, Group Contacts and Membership Secretary. You will also find it beneficial to link with other District Volunteer Co-ordinators. You are also encouraged to seek clarification on volunteering by contacting info@woodcraft.org.uk.

Recommended partner links

To assist in your duties you are strongly advised to develop links with your local Volunteer Centre. Follow the link below to identify your local Centre:

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