Trade Union Affiliation Advice to Members

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This advice is aimed mostly at Woodcraft members who are Trade Union members but who don't usually attend their branch, or those who have never put an affiliation motion forward.

  • Firstly, it is a good idea to attend a couple of meetings first so that people get to know you and don't think you're just parachuting in for the money.
  • Have a chat with the Chair and the Secretary to let them know that you are intending to put an affiliation motion. They will advise you how to get your motion on the agenda and which meeting would be best. Some agendas are very full in advance. (Download an example motion below.)
  • Has your branch got other Woodcraft members who could come and support you?
  • Think what you're going to say. Has Woodcraft been on marches or local demonstrations along side the branch or that are relevant to the branch in some way?
  • It could help to emphasise our links with the Co-op.
  • You can tell people that Woodcraft is always looking for children and leaders and you could advise them how to get in touch with their local group.
  • Take plenty of Woodcraft publicity material; Folk Office are always happy to send stuff out.
  • Don't forget to take the Affiliation / Direct Debit form with you! (Download it below.)
WF TU affiliation model motion.doc22.5 KB
Direct Debit Mandate form.doc153.5 KB
TU Affiliation Form 2020.pdf308.24 KB