Time To Flee

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This activity can be run as the second activity in a group night about refugee issues, to get Elfins thinking about people who might seek sanctuary in the UK, what they need and how we can help them. The first activity is Same But Different.

You will need: paper and pens

Time: 15 minutes

Split the Elfins into groups of about 4 or 5.

Ask each group to make a list of five things they would most want to take with them if they had to leave home in a hurry, and didn’t know where they were going. Everyone in the group must agree on the same items.

You could leave the list entirely up to them, or provide them with a list and ask them to prioritise five items from it:

Coat                                          Matches
Bottle of water                          Camping stove
Biscuits                                     Sleeping bag
Soft toy                                     Book
Blanket                                      Phone
Torch                                         Passport
Pen                                            Paper
Money                                       Medicine

After ten minutes, get the groups to compare their lists. Do they have the same priorities? Was it difficult to agree what to take? How would it feel to be in this situation for real?

If you've run Same But Different and Time To Flee, you could spend the rest of the session encouraging the Elfins to think about why people flee their country and how we can help them. Think about:

  • Why people leave their country?
  • What problems might they face in a new country?
  • How can we help? (You could plan action for Refugee Week, which will be 20-26 June in 2011)

Choose an item (e.g. a ball or wooden spoon) that can be handed round to anyone who wants to speak. Everyone else should listen to what they have to say. Try to capture everyone’s ideas on flipchart paper. You could use the Right To Refuge campaign leaflet as a prompt. Invite the group to use further group nights to plan some of the activities they’ve suggested to help refugees and asylum seekers.


Correct link for Same but Different

http://www.woodcraft.org.uk/resources/same-different seems to work OK

Same But Different

The link to "Same but Different" - http://wcf.gn.apc.org/resources/same-different - doesn't work.