Succession of volunteers

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Its important as a Woodcraft Folk group that as well as operating on a day to day basis you also look to the future. We've noticed over the last few years groups run by longstanding members sadly folded when key volunteers stood down. We want to support our groups to start thinking about volunteer succession and why it's important to have an action plan now rather then being reactive to a volunteer stepping down. 

We reccommend: 

  • Being prepared have an action plan 
  • Make volunteer recruitment a priority 
  • Shadowing group & district officeholders 
  • Everyone takes a turn trying out different roles in a group or district 
  • Download a copy of SUCCESSION TOP TIPS & advice 

As well us putting together our Succession guidance we also contacted a numer of groups & districts about they'd done when key volunteers stood down. We compiled their responses into useful case studies attached below to help you decide what course of action you could take.  

Their suggestions were: 

  • Arranging for parent led group run on a rota basis (parent led co-ops) 
  • Continious all year round recruiting through social media 
  • Advertising opprutunites with your local volunteer centre 

Dont forget we also have a wealth of Volunteer recruitment resources online which include the toolkit, publicity ideas and relevant forms. If you've any questions regarding succession please do not hesitate to email

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Recruiting volunteers from the local volunteer centre Case Study.pdf418.5 KB
Recruiting volunteers through social media Case Study.pdf431.03 KB
Parent Led Co-op Case Study.pdf438.8 KB