A student’s guide to starting a co-operative

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Being a student can feel like you’re in the hands of others, whether landlords or supermarkets. But there is an alternative.

A growing movement of students are forming co-operatives to take control of the big things in their lives, like housing, food and transport. To help students wanting to take control of the things that matter, the Co-operative Education Trust Scotland and the Co-operative News have launched a new online guide: ‘A student’s guide to starting a co-operative.’

It is written for students, with blogs by those who have done it, alongside, films, links and case studies to bring it alive.

The guide outlines the main steps to getting a new co-op off the ground: the idea, the people, the money, the launch, and after. 

As Sean Farmelo, an active student co-operative activist and blogger in the guide, says, the “seldom-experienced feeling of ownership and empowerment is, I believe, truly at the core of why co-operatives are seeing such support in recent times from students.” 

A student’s guide to starting a co-operative is open to all and can be viewed here: www.thenews.coop/studentguide