Safeguarding: relevant policies and templates

Safeguarding our members is very important to Woodcraft Folk, and there are many useful documents to help us work safely and respond well to any concerns. Below are the policies that guide our safeguarding, and useful templates for local groups and Districts to implement good practice.

You should also refer to the Safeguarding Procedures and Practices page, and the Responding to Safeguarding Concerns page.

Example Woodcraft Folk Child Registration-consent-medical Form.pdf245.06 KB
Local Safeguarding Plan Template.docx48.82 KB
Safeguarding Checklist for Groups and Districts (1).pdf269.09 KB
Member Screening Procedures November 2016.pdf493.68 KB
Local Safeguarding Officer Task Description.pdf258.03 KB
Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy.pdf278 KB
Social Networking and Communication Guidance April 2017.pdf524.3 KB
Vetting procedures - who needs a DBS or PVG 2015.pdf294.63 KB
Woodcraft Folk Code of Conduct.pdf254.42 KB
Safeguarding Declaration nov 2017 revision.pdf578.46 KB
Safeguarding Policy nov 2017.pdf374.1 KB