PVG Disclosure forms (Scotland only)

Along with submitting either a 'Join PVG application' or 'Existing member of PVG' form for processing as Membership Secretaries (Scotland only) must complete a CRBS coversheet and Woodcraft ID declaration. 

These forms are required to confirm that you have followed the procedure and witnessed the members ID as set out by the CRBS. The coversheet is sent to the CRBS for processing and the ID declaration is retained by Folk Office. Both these forms are available for download below. 

Guidance on what ID to witness for an applicant is attached below. 

All PVG application disclsoure forms (Scotland only) must be conpleted in hard copy and are available on request to Folk Office feel free to contact us on 020 7703 4173 or info@woodcraft.org.uk. Guidance on how to complete both types of PVG application form can be found below.

Any questions feel free to contact the Membership & Groups Officer. 

New coversheet Sept 2016.pdf8.71 KB
Woodcraft Folk ID Declaration Form.pdf117.1 KB
Identification Checking for PVG 2016.pdf186.98 KB
Completing an Existing PVG Scheme Member Application.pdf201.72 KB