Publicity Guidance

We've launched #DreamBigAtHome!

Our new lockdown website has hundreds of activities and games to do at home, weekly challenges to try and a regular programme of live workshops and events online, as well as information on how our groups can operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.


There are lots of ways to publicise your group. Here are some of the techniques we know work.

Don’t forget that most people won’t sign up after seeing one poster or flyer. Use as many of these approaches as you have time for, and if possible, use together with outreach activity.

Style and Key Messages

To help us to be better known and understood, we've put together a style guide and set of key messages to use when creating your own publicity materials. We've had many logos over the years with subtle differences - the current ones to use can be downloaded from here

Publicity Leaflets

We have a selection of both general leaflets, bilingual and age targeted leaflets that can be downloaded here on our website to recruit new children to your group. Printed leaflets can also be ordered direct from Folk Office by emailing  

Can you fundraise within your district to print a run yourself? The more you print, the more cost effective it is, so ask any other groups you know. Printers will usually post to multiple addresses if you ask, but do factor in additional postage costs.

Local Editable flyers

Black and white A5 flyers with editable space for contact details and information about your group.

  • We uploaded these to google docs and edited in google slides. You could edit them in publisher or a pdf editor. 
  • You will need to create a file with the flyer duplicated on a second page, then use your printer settings to print them side by side on one page. This is usually an option called 'multiple pages per sheet'. Don't forget to untick the 'border' selection.  
  • These flyers aren’t much use on their own, as there’s not enough space to explain what Wcf is in detail. Use together with the colour flyers, or hand out at a taster session, school assembly or playout.
  • The font used in this flyer is Tahoma, so use it when you’re adding your info for continuity.


Example versions: 

Volunteer Recruitment & Group Publicity Posters

All posters can be downloaded here. 

Press Coverage

When contacting a newsdesk, ask for the reporter responsible for reporting on children’s activities or events. Find additional media guidance here.

Social Media

Facebook ‘groups’ are a way for groups of people to communicate. They are not primarily a promotion tool, but are often used that way. Because most people are more familiar with groups than pages, they tend to be more successful in drumming up interest.

  • Create a page for your group and keep it up to date with pictures and your programme. Make sure it's clear how people can get involved.
  • Create an ‘open’ group and invite people to join who you think might be interested.
  • Create a ‘closed’ group for people who come to your group to chat to each other. Be clear from the start about the different purposes of the two groups.
  • Join local community groups for your immediate area. Most neighbourhoods have one - just search the name of your area.
  • Join groups for families that cover a wider area such as local dads groups, attachment parenting groups etc.

Netmums is a popular website with local listings for family and child friendly events. Once you create a profile, you can list your group on there for free. Just make sure to update it if contact details change.

Twitter is great for connecting with like-minded organisations and spreading the word widely, but it does take time to build up a following.

  • Search for people who tweet about local activities and follow them - they will often follow you back.
  • Tweet those same people with your message, ending with ‘please RT’ (retweet). Getting users with lots of followers is a quick way to reach lots of people.
  • Use a hashtag for your area eg #Leeds. Most cities have monthly twitter chats based around a hashtag. This is a good time to promote your group. The one for Leeds is #Leedshour and is the first Thursday of the month, 8-9pm. Others will follow a similar format.
  • Let the families in your group, and everyone else, know you’re on twitter. If they use it too, get them to follow you and retweet messages.
  • Search for Woodcraft Folk and see what other groups are on Twitter.
  • If you retweet and follow other like-minded organisations you’re more likely to get them to follow you. Just remember to stick to stuff that’s relevant to Woodcraft Folk.

Other online communities to try

  • Gumtree
  • Scallymag (a local what’s on for kids, not everywhere but dotted around)

Don’t forget to keep your group’s webpage up to date. These pages work best when they’re updated termly.

Each registered group has their own page on the website, found by going to

Keep this page up to date and interesting withetc photos, term programmes so that when people search or other publicity directs people to it, it is effective.

Contact to become group webmaster. This enables you to edit the group page.   

Add info about local events to calendar Then you can share a link to the event details info via email and social media.


Go to the online gallery to find photos to use in publicity, or better still create your own. Just make sure you have permission from the parent or carer of ALL children in the photo.

Do you know any photographers or photography students who would be willing to take photos for you? We’re always short of good quality images to use in publicity, so please upload to the gallery any you have.

Run A Local Training

At Annual Gathering 2019 we had new workshops on "How To Take Better Photos" and "Using Social Media to Grow Your Groups". Both of these workshops can be facilitated locally and as needed using the session plans and resources available to download below. Young people in our groups are often the most knowledgeable about these subjects, so why not ask Venturers or DFs to take the lead on delivering these sessions? 

Style Guide - Woodcraft Folk Brand241.49 KB
Key Messages (April 2019)736.3 KB
EXAMPLE Woodcraft is growing DISTRICT flyer - B&W.pdf224.97 KB
EXAMPLE WCF is growing GROUPS - B&W.pdf231.28 KB
EXAMPLE Woodcraft is growing NEW group flyer - colour & image.pdf887.75 KB
Social Media and Photography Workshop Session Plans1.56 MB