Opening a Co-op Bank Account

We advise all our groups to open Co-op bank accounts. To open an account you can either go to your local Co-operative bank or download a 'Community Directplus' bank application form from their website.

Along with submitting an application you will also need an authorisation letter from Folk office. You'll need to let us know the names all the signatories to be added to the account so we can check that they're up to date members of the Folk. Only members of Woodcraft Folk can be signatories on an account opened using our name & charity number.Once we're satisfied that all signatories are members we will submit the letter to the bank.

To request an authorisation letter email

The authorisation letter can either be submitted with your bank application or alternatively you can send your application to the Co-op Bank and they'll send us a request for the letter. Please let us know your preference. 

Download an application form from the Co-op Bank website.

See below documents produced to help you with completing your bank application: 

  • A worked example of how to complete the 'Community Direct Plus' Bank application form 
  • Guidance notes on how to complete the bank application 

If you have any questions relating to the above please do not hesitate to contact Folk Office

One of the benefits to opening a Community Direct bank account for your group is you are entitled to apply for small grants directly from the Co-op for local projects. For more information click here

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