Online Plans from Brighton and Hove

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Below are some session ideas for Pioneers and Venturers that have been tried and tested by Brighton and Hove district. Want to share what your district is up to? Get in touch 


Pioneer 40 min zoom meeting
Hello and they had the chance to show us anything they'd made from the craft packs that were dropped at peoples homes (craft pack was made up of stuff that had been got together from cancelled Cudham weekend and put in envelope and cycled around and posted through pioneers doors by adult)
Noise game, everyone goes away to get an object and then they keep it off camera and you make a noise with it and other have to guess what noise is. Noises like scissors cutting, glasses case snapping shut, spoon scrapping the bottom of a bowl etc.
Identify the chocolate bar game (this worked better with venturers as they knew more choc bars)
Pioneers 40 mins zoom
Started with a game where everyone takes it in turns to hold object right against camera of device and slowly move it away and everyone shouts out and guesses what it is
Making wooly tassels with everyone
This session worked really well and they seem to enjoy making something
Venturers 1 hour Zoom
Made naan bread pizzas, gave them list of ingredients before the session. Whilst they were cooking had a group chat about what they'd like to do once we are allowed to meet again in groups, chatted about possible overnight events at Cudham or Lurgashall to make up for missed camps this summer.
Broke away into 'chat rooms' whilst eating their pizzas to give them 10 minutes to chat easier in small groups and re-connect
Discussed the activity for next weeks session
Venturers 1 hour Zoom
Made pinch pots and small ceramics as we have a parent who is a ceramicist and she is going to fire and simply glaze all the pots for us. She parcelled up clay into 15 portions for us and they picked up from leaders front garden without any contact. 
This took the whole session and I did demonstrations while they followed along or worked on their own ideas. We could see each others progress and I think they like the fact that they will be real pieces of pottery and not just air dry clay but this session would work fine with air dry clay if you can get it to the young people..