New Group Journey Checklist, Timeline and Guidance Sheets

These resources have been developed by the new groups project to support you to set up and run a successful group. Together they will help you understand what makes a group sustainable, plan actions and keep track of progress. 

The New Group Journey is organised into seven colour coded broad subject areas: 1. People you need (darker blue); 2. Working together (light blue); 3. Publicity and outreach (green); 4. Finance (pink); 5. Programme planning (purple); 6. Being part of the Folk (yellow); 7. Staying safe (orange). You can work through each resource in any order or just go straight to the information you want.

  • The New Group Journey timeline is a 1 page summary showing how the steps in each area fit together, in 3 stages: ‘finding people’ to ‘planning your group’ and your ‘first term and beyond’.

  • The New Group Journey checklist has space to put names and dates next to actions, then tick them off when they are complete. It has 3 stages, each on a page to print for meetings, as you progress from ‘finding people’ to ‘planning your group’ and your ‘first term and beyond’.

  • The New Group Journey guidance sheets give further brief details about the 7 broad subject areas and links to relevant resources.


These resources work alongside the New Group Journey online training module, and the new groups webinar.

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