Being Part of the Folk - New Group Guidance Sheet

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Our new lockdown website has hundreds of activities and games to do at home, weekly challenges to try and a regular programme of live workshops and events online, as well as information on how our groups can operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.


This guidance forms part of the New Group Journey resource.

You can download the information as a word document in the attachment below, or download the whole pack from the new group journey summary page. 

All Woodcraft Folk groups work slightly differently, but we share strong values that help us work together positively. Connecting to individuals and groups within the wider movement will mean you have access to support when you need it, and you’ll probably make great friends.

Identify a group buddy

You might ask the group you visited to support you in your first year. It’s always good to have someone with a bit of experience on the end of the phone. If you can’t find any existing groups to support you, try posting on the national facebook group, or emailing folk office.

Register group with Folk office 

This is absolutely vital - you’re not a Woodcraft Folk group without it.

You need two Woodcraft members to apply, but if you’re in a rush, you can send off their membership applications and DBS/PVG forms along with the group form.
The New Group Registration form can be found here on the website. 

Registering as a group means you will:

  • Have access to Woodcraft Folk Central Services
  • Be covered by our public liability insurance (as long as you comply with our policies)
  • Be set up with a group web page
  • Be able to request a email address for your group to use in publicity- contact folk office. Emails to this address will be forwarded to a nominated email address
  • Get support from Folk office and get relevant updates

All groups are expected to pay a registration fee per year as their contribution to the Woodcraft Folk movement. As a new group you’ll receive the first 6 months registration for free and will then be liable to pay registration for the remainder of the current year. You’ll be advised by Folk Office how much you are due to pay and when.

Visit an existing group

Check out what groups run nearby using this map:
Arrange to visit them on a regular group night to get a feel for what your group might look like. What approaches would you like to replicate? What will you need to do differently to make your group work for you?

Get t-shirts, badges and resources from Folk Supply

Woodcraft Folk costume is a green top with our logo. Children and adults can choose to wear the traditional green shirt, “woodie hoodies” or design and make their own t-shirt. Folk Supply is Woodcraft Folk’s online shop. Go here to stock up on badges, Folk costume, session resources and more:

Participate in WcF democracy

Woodcraft members shape how the organisation works across the UK. Find out about how Woodcraft Folk operates: General Council, Annual Gathering, and our branch structure are all things you should familiarise yourself with:

Once you have got to grips with running your group, you might want to consider getting involved at the district, regional, or national level. See our Volunteer Guide for more information. 

Enabling young people to have a voice in our democracy is at the heart of what we do. There are resources to help your group prepare for Annual Gathering here

As well as Annual Gathering, Woodcraft Folk members come together every year for camps, both local and national, and for Development Conference.
Check out the events Calendar on the website and speak to your local groups to find out more.  

Share what you’ve learnt

Once you have been running the group a while, it would be great if you could share your experience with another new group. What makes Woodcraft Folk great is its sense of community - and now you’re a part of that!
A very practical way to do this is to upload your resources to the website (you have to sign in as a member).

Annual group registration

Each year your group is expected to register and pay registration fees to the Woodcraft Folk.

Group registration fees should be paid by your group every year as your financial contribution to the Woodcraft Folk movement. Registration ensures that groups are recognised and that Woodcraft Folk can provide them with support and background services including essential things such as public liability insurance, charity registration, financial accountability and safeguarding.

Group registration forms are sent out by Folk Office toward the end of the current year which need to be completed and returned by January of the following year. All forms will be sent to the Coordinator for your group or district to complete. Copies of the forms are available here on the website. If your group is not in a position to pay their registration fees you must contact Folk Office to discuss.

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