Leader training weekend plan

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On this page you will find the handouts, notes and planning documents needed to run a leader training weekend. 


Planning documents


Handouts LT01 - LT13

Print one of these for each participant, and hand out when prompted on the session plan

Trainer prompts and scenarios LT(a) - LT(j)

You just need one of these for each trainer. They are a collection of scenarios to read out, information to display and sample policies for reference. 


Leader training reports

These documents are write ups from training weekends run during the new groups project. They will give you an idea of how the training weekend runs in practice. Note how each training is adapted based on feedback from previous participants, current requests and trainer observations. 

This resource was created by the new groups project. From September 2014 to March 2016 the project supported new groups to start in West Yorkshire, Mersyside, North Wales, Glasgow, Stirling and Falkirk. To see more resources created by the project, please visit the new groups project page.

Leadertrainingagenda.docx6.99 KB
Leadertrainingsessionplan.docx773.56 KB
Leadertrainingpreparationadmin (1).docx9.26 KB
Leadertrainingequipmentresourcelist.docx6.3 KB
Training consent form - Blank.doc286.5 KB
LT01Behaviourmanagementexampleapproachhandout.docx9.24 KB
LT02AimsandPrinciplesHandout.docx6.1 KB
LT03Blanksessionplan.docx5.72 KB
LT09 Behaviour Management Policy.pdf209.51 KB
LT10 Managing behaviour guidance.docx29.71 KB
LT11 Managing behaviour summaries of theoretical models.docx28.07 KB
LT12 Template Risk Assessment.doc144 KB
LT13ParticipantFeedbackForm.docx24.33 KB
LTaWoodcraftQuiz.docx5.95 KB
LTbAimsandprinciplesbig.docx5.97 KB
LTcSafeguardingjigsaw.docx5.08 KB
LT(d) Whistle-Blowing Policy May 2014.pdf262.31 KB
LTeDistrictSafeguardingplantemplate.docx829.82 KB
LT(g) Safeguarding Scenarios.pdf179.59 KB
LT(h) Managing behaviour guidance.docx29.71 KB
LTiBehaviourScenarios.docx4.88 KB
LTjOutcomesstatistics-toupdateforrecentstats.docx5.06 KB
LTReport05.12.2014.docx1.21 MB
LT Report 11.2014.docx2.24 MB
LTReport03.2015.docx4.45 MB
LTReport25.09.2015.docx2.11 MB
LTReport20.11.2015.docx1.51 MB
LTReport27.11.2015.docx1.51 MB
LT Report 11.03.2016.docx882.73 KB
LT06 Woodcraft Folk Code of Conduct.pdf254.42 KB