Introducing Woodcraft

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Note: this session plan is an earlier version of the bitesize session - putting the aims and principles into practice. While the bitesize session focuses more on planning your first sessions, you may want to compare the two if you are planning an introductory training session. 

A two hour training session giving a general introduction to the organisation, explaining its aims, roots and background.

This two-hour session has been designed as a basic introduction to the organisation, it can either be used as a stand-alone session or precede other courses for Woodcraft Folk Leaders. It assumes that most participants are new to the Folk and whilst providing a basic understanding of what we are about, also encourages them to start to feel a sense of belonging to the organisation. It provides a good basic starting point.

It can be delivered by any one who feels competent – i.e. an experienced established leader/older members of district/group or members with training experience. But no formal qualifications are needed.

You'll need both the main content document and the supporting handouts document.

Introducing Woodcraft Folk 2013 - course content.pdf159.13 KB
Introducing Woodcraft Folk 2013 - supporting handouts.pdf290.85 KB