I See and Know

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Here is the pack for the I See and Know badge. You can download the whole pack, or just the individual resources for printing. Please leave comments in the box below. If you'd like an activity to be added to the page please email it to badgework@woodcraft.org.uk and we'll get it up asap.


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I See and Know.pdf5.28 MB
mammal-id-sheet.pdf1.25 MB
chirpie-birdies-garden-birds-id.pdf1.06 MB
garden-birds-idial.pdf1.93 MB
woodland-whistlers-woodland-bird-id.pdf985.73 KB
wild-birds-idial.pdf1.89 MB
minibeast-hunt-spotter-sheet.pdf637.85 KB
minibeast-crawlies-id.pdf1.06 MB
creepy-crawly-minibeast-idial.pdf1.87 MB
Tree Worksheet - for printing.doc379.5 KB



From what I've seen these packs are really excellent, some fantastic, easily achievable tasks and challenges for group nights. Just a couple of thoughts on this one.

It would be good to have the names of the trees included with the leave images for leaders/helpers who might not be able to identify them themselves. Not everyone has the same knowledge of trees!

Secondly the activity where you suggest reading out statements about birds and using the idials, perhaps some examples could be included just to set the ball rolling?

Thank you for all of your hard work. 

A x