How much should each group member pay?

As a general rule of thumb, groups normally charge weekly subs of between £1 and £2.50 in order to cover the cost of running the group (rent and materials). The amount you charge should take in to account the situation of the kids and their families - most groups are prepared to help out those who are less well off, but most will still ask for people to pay as much of the weekly sub as they can.

Some groups will also agree discounted subs for siblings, and it is becoming increasingly common for groups to ask for half-termly or termly advance subs – this obviously can be difficult for less well off families but does make group financial planning easier. Whatever charging policy you decide, make sure you publish it, so that everyone knows.

It is important to balance financial management with affordability and access.

Subs are unlikely to be your only source of income - you should also look at grants, fundraising activities etc. For more information about funding, visit:


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