How to find a good venue

We've launched #DreamBigAtHome!

Our new lockdown website has hundreds of activities and games to do at home, weekly challenges to try and a regular programme of live workshops and events online, as well as information on how our groups can operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Well firstly, what makes a good venue? It should be somewhere nearby to where you are recruiting members from, ideally with public transport links. Preferably it should be able to be reached without having to cross busy roads, walk down dark alleyways etc. It should be in a good state of repair (i.e. no dodgy wiring etc) and accessible to those in wheelchairs. A decent-sized hall makes playing games much easier and increases the scope of the activities you can run. You can access the 'Good Venue Checklist' here.

So secondly, how to find a good venue? The most common spaces used by Woodcraft groups are school halls, church halls, scout huts, community centres and youth centres, however other organisations may have spaces they might let you use, such as trade unions, co-operative groups, charities and so on. Most of these organisations can be found through a quick Google search and you can then approach them directly about renting a space. Remember to explain that we are a charity for children and young people as they might be able to offer you reduced rates.


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