Fairtrade recipe jars

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A great activity if you don’t have cooking facilities at your venue. Children take the jars away with instructions for baking the biscuits at home.

Aim: To reinforce familiarity with the Fairtrade logo. Co-operation (sharing and turn taking with equipment and ingredients).
Duration: 45 minutes

Plain flour,
Baking powder
Soft brown sugar*,
Ground cloves*

It should be possible to buy Fairtrade versions of all those marked with an*.

Each child will need a glass or clear plastic jar with a lid that holds about 1 pint (larger than an average jam jar), a label and an elastic band.

This activity works best in small groups with each group having its own set of scales, mixing bowls, spoons, funnels (paper cones), ingredients, instruction sheet and colouring pens/pencils.

Fairtrade recipe jar label.pdf181.42 KB
Recipe Jar instructions.pdf33.39 KB