Example Group Leader Duties

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This is a list of duties that a group leader is responsible for carrying out.

Group Leader Duties


  • To take overall responsibility for the group.
  • To take, keep and store a register in confidence.
  • To log any incidents of a serious nature(refer to other policies) that take place during the evening or event.
  • To obtain children's registration forms and make sure information is available to appropriate people.
  • To ensure adult members and volunteers working with the children have completed all relevant forms and been vetted with references taken. (This will be done by the child Protection Officer)
  • To ensure any adult helper that is not vetted is always supervised and not left in charge of a group of children.
  • To carry out safety checks on the premises.
  • To attend district meetings and programming meetings making sure that the parents of the children have a role to play.i.e. rota duty or craft work etc.
  • To ensure that all subscriptions are paid. To liaise with the group treasurer where arrangements have been made for weekly payment or where subsidies have been given. To ensure that subs notices are promoted in the newsletter.
  • All duties to be carried out in accordance with the local plan, organisational policies and the Woodcraft Constitution.
  • To provide a copy of the Leader Training Guide to helpers.

(Submitted by Liss  Woodcraft Folk)