Example Equal Opportunities Policy

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This is an example of a District Equal Opportunities Policy submitted by Boveney District. You can either read it here on-screen or download a PDF version by clicking on the link below.


Equal Opportunities Policy

Reviewed 18 April 2007

The Woodcraft Folk is an educational movement for children and young people, designed to develop self-confidence and activity in society, with the aim of building a world based on equality, friendship, peace and co-operation.

Equal opportunities
As an educational movement we believe that equal opportunities should extend to all aspects of activity and participation in the Woodcraft Folk. We will combat oppression or discrimination in our movement, whether on the grounds of ability, age, class, culture, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation. We will educate our members so that they may take these issues into the wider community.

Our aim with each Woodcraft Group is to create an environment:

  • where each individual is valued
  • where difference and diversity are welcome and celebrated
  • where a caring community is created based on fair, understanding and compassionate relationships
  • where discrimination in any form is opposed and challenged
  • where equal access both to the programme and the physical environment is encouraged as a right
  • where positive images of and attitudes towards our members are developed in order for them to particate fully within the groups
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