Example District Policies

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This is an example of district policies submitted by Hackney District. You can read them here on-screen or download them by clicking on the link below.


The Woodcraft Folk has adopted Aims, Principles, Constitution, Rules and a range of policies on a number of issues. Hackney District operates within these policies which can be found on the Woodcraft Folk’s website at www.woodcraft.org.uk.

Hackney Woodcraft Folk have also adopted a Constitution and a number of local policies on a variety of issues. Few of the latter have been written down – despite being agreed at Annual General Meetings. This is an attempt to codify them.


District Constitution

The District constitution is available separately. (Note: in need of revision).


Admission to Groups


Decisions on admissions to Elfin Groups shall be made by the Group Co-ordinator or by the Waiting List holder in consultation with the Group Co-ordinator. Every attempt shall be made to maintain gender balance within the groups. Priority will normally be given to siblings of existing members. In order to promote Equality and Diversity, the District (or a Group Co-ordinator/Waiting list holder in consultation with the District) may, from time to time, use additional criteria for prioritising admissions.


Existing Elfins shall be admitted to the Pioneers when they reach their 10th. birthday. They may be admitted earlier at the discretion of the Group Co-ordinator in consultation with District Officers and other Group Co-ordinators. Remaining places in the Pioneer Group shall be filled from the Waiting-List using the criteria above.  


Existing Pioneers shall be admitted to the Venturers when they reach their 13th. birthday. They may be admitted earlier at the discretion of the Group Co-ordinator in consultation with District Officers and other Group Co-ordinators. Any remaining places in the Venturer Group shall be filled by the Venturer Co-ordinator in consultation with Venturers and Venturer adults and using the criteria above.


Organisation of Groups

Hackney District Woodcraft Folk has no fixed or detailed policy on the organisation of Groups who may therefore organise themselves as they think best.

Groups must be run according to national Woodcraft Folk policies. In particular this means that the basic minimum of full Adult Members must be present at all sessions.

At present Groups are run as “parent co-operatives” with additional involvement from non-parent volunteers. This means that parents/carers are expected to take a share in the running of the Group, normally by helping to run group sessions every term. Hackney District is aware that some parents/carers may not be able to participate in group nights (e.g. for reasons to do with family, work or disability). Where such reasons are serious and persistent, parents should inform the Group Co-ordinator on joining or when these circumstances arise and discuss whether there is a different way of their helping Woodcraft Folk.   


Group Membership fees


Groups set their own membership fees in consultation with District Officers. The fee should generally be sufficient for the group to cover the costs of Group registration*, of Hall hire, of refreshments and of a small number of excursions and/or fees paid to external “facilitators”.

*Note:DF and Woodchip Groups do not currently pay registration fees.

Fee Reductions

It is the policy of Hackney District Woodcraft Folk that no child shall be prevented from participating in our activities through financial constraints. Groups may therefore, in consultation with District Officers, decide to levy a reduced fee for families in appropriate circumstances (e.g. for those on benefits/low incomes and/or with more than one child in the Woodcraft Folk) but should attempt to keep the Group’s income broadly within the above constraints. The District has established a system for families to apply for such reductions.

District subsidies

Groups may apply to the District, through the Treasurer, for a subsidy to cover certain costs (e.g. of excursions and/or the employment of external facilitators) where these costs are significant and where the activities involved can be shown to further the aims and principles of the Woodcraft Folk. The District shall attempt to ensure that, as far as possible, such subsidies are distributed equitably between the various groups. For instance groups needing less support for “routine payments” – hall fees etc. - may be entitled to greater subsidies for other activities.


District Meetings

District Meetings shall normally be held at least once per term.

All Adult Members (including DFs) shall be entitled to attend and vote.

Meetings shall normally also be open to all adult volunteers (including all parents) and Venturers, all of whom are encouraged to attend.


District Finances

It is the responsibility of the Treasurer in consultation with District Officers to monitor the District’s finances. Any decision as to expenditure must normally be taken by a District Meeting or agreed in advance with the Treasurer. Any issue of subsidies or payment of expenses should be considered in the context of the District’s financial situation and of the furtherance of District policies and the Aims, Principles, policies etc. of the Woodcraft Folk.



Members may apply for payment of expenses wholly and necessarily incurred in work for the Woodcraft Folk. Members attending events or meetings in pursuit of the aims and principles of the Woodcraft Folk and on behalf of the District or of one of its Groups (e.g. Annual Gathering, Regional meetings, training events, Camp planning meetings) shall be entitled to claim expenses where these are not paid by the organising body. 



All members are encouraged to participate in Camps.

Hackney District organises its own Camps and endeavours to participate in Woodcraft Folk Regional, National and International Camps.

Unaccompanied children are encouraged to attend camps but those who have not previously camped with Woodcraft Folk should normally be accompanied by a named responsible adult.

All adults attending Camps should be full Adult Members of the Woodcraft Folk.

However, limited numbers of visitors (both adults and children) may participate in particular Camps at the discretion of the District Officer responsible for Camps and/or the Camp Chief.

Fees for District Camps shall, as far as possible, be set to cover the full costs of site/hostel hire, food, transport and, where appropriate, excursions. For Regional, National and International Camps fees are set by the organisers but transport (and sometimes other costs) must normally be paid for in addition and so will be added to the Camp fees.

Fee reductions for Camps shall be available under the principles set down above for Group fees.

District subsidies for overall Camp costs or for specific activities may be provided under appropriate agreed circumstances.   

Further information on Camping policies is to be found in Hackney District’s Camping Guidelines

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