Do children need to buy a uniform?

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No. There isn’t a compulsory uniform, but many groups do encourage children to wear a t-shirt, folk shirt or hoodie.

Folk costume is a great way to help children and young people feel a part of Woodcraft Folk. If you are working through badges, these can be sewn on to personalise the clothing. 

Many groups 'upcycle' old clothes into their folk costume. This can add a really personal touch, and is an opportunity to talk about the logo, and what Woodcraft Folk means to the group. 

Buy clothing from the online shop

Download Woodcraft Folk logos

When children grow out of their shirts, or leave Woodcraft Folk, you could ask if the group could keep hold of them to give to other children. You may also want to budget to buy a certain amount of tshirts for those who might struggle to buy one themselves. 



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