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This page is intended to help you find the information you need about data protection and guidance with GDPR.

Woodcraft Folk’s Data Protection Policy can be accessed here [opens in a new window]. This should be read in conjunction with our Data Protection Guidance for Groups [opens in new window].

Woodcraft Folk's data protection principles:

  • If we don’t use it, we don’t collect it.
  • If we no longer need it we delete it.
  • Individuals should give consent for their data to be held.
  • Individuals should be informed how their data will be held and used.
  • Only those who need access should have access. For example, those supervising and caring for children need to know about the medical and support needs of those children; a KP needs to know about dietary requirements but doesn’t need financial information.

Things to do:

  • When you collect personal or sensitive data, please signpost individuals to the Woodcraft Folk's privacy statements, which can be found in Woodcraft Folk’s Privacy Policy ( [opens in a new window]). To do this, you can simply provide the URL for the privacy policy or reproduce (eg. ‘cut and paste’) the relevant privacy statement or statements.
  • Use ‘shared’ documents which are stored in ‘the cloud’ instead of having multiple copies on different computers/on paper. Shared documents can make it easier to control access (eg. you can remove access from people who change role and no longer require access to specific data). Cloud systems available include GoogleDrive, Dropbox and OneDrive. You may also want to use Woodcraft Folk’s ‘communities’ - guidance here [opens in a new window]
  • Regularly review the data you hold and consider whether you need to hold the data and how you store it. Think about everyone you have contact with e.g. children, parents, volunteers, suppliers, those on waiting lists, funders and other community organisations. Use can use the data review spreadsheet (June 2018) attached below to help.
  • Dispose of unnecessary historic data in accordance with Woodcraft Folk’s Child Protection Reporting and Record Keeping Guidelines [opens in new window]. NB: please do not dispose of any data about historic complaints, safeguarding or child protection – this should be forwarded to Folk Office.

If you have any questions or would like any support please do not hesitate to contact Woodcraft Folk's Data Controller at 

Data review spreadsheet (June 2018).xls26.5 KB