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Our new lockdown website has hundreds of activities and games to do at home, weekly challenges to try and a regular programme of live workshops and events online, as well as information on how our groups can operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.


You're in one of the main sections of Woodcraft Folk's New Group Journey training module. The most important points to remember are listed first, and following that is a fuller explanation of what you need to do in this area. There are many different ways of doing things in Woodcraft Folk, so we've included only the essential guidance in this module, leaving you to develop your own methods to suit your group.

Links to individual resources are in bold green, and you should read each of these for a full understanding of good practice. Links to other pages of the website are in non-bold green. All links to resources are also listed in the Related Resources box on the right. If you want to return to the home page of the New Group Journey training module just use the link in the top box on the right. Use the Ask for Help link to request help on a particular topic, or request a Twin group with whom you can share ideas and joint activities.

Key things to remember

  • Publicise your group in a variety of ways to attract different people
  • Hold at least one taster session before starting your group
  • Keep your group web page up to date
  • Lots of publicity materials are available on the website and in print from Folk Office

Finding volunteers

Find your local volunteer centre and place an advert with them for the roles you are looking for. We’ve found that meeting with individuals at the centre and building a relationship with them will mean you get far more volunteers coming to you. Don’t forget student volunteering hubs - you could target students on courses that reflect the roles you need. Remember that when you put an advert out for volunteers, the people who reply will have different expectations, experience and motivations from parents, your friends, or people who grew up through Woodcraft Folk. It is especially important that you maintain support with new volunteers, and communicate what is expected of them through induction process. You might want to consider offering travel expenses. Our Volunteer Toolkit is a great resource to help you recruit and support volunteers.

Here are a few websites where you can advertise for volunteers:


Have a look at our volunteer recruitment guidance for more tips

Finding children and young people

Once you know where and when your group will meet, you'll want to start publicising it to more children and families. You can request publicity materials from Folk Office, adapt flyer templates online, or create your own publicity based on your own needs. If you do create your own, why not upload it to the website for others to see? 

Our publicity guidance page will tell you more about social media, press and print publicity. 

Make sure you try a variety of techniques - people are unlikely to come to a group just because they've seen one flyer. If they see a flyer, then see you running kids activities in the park they might come over to say hi. 


Taster sessions and outreach

Hold at least one taster session before you start your group. It should be on the day and time your group will be held, and ideally in the same place. Run activities for children along the lines of a regular group night, and in another room introduce parents and carers to Woodcraft Folk.

Use these sample plans for parent’s meetings

Run these events before you start to plan your first terms activities. That way you can use your experience at the taster event to reflect as a group - what has it taught you about running a group night? Did anything surprise you?

Woodcraft Folk has experience of running outreach activities in parks. If you have the capacity, this is a great way to promote your group and give children a taste of Woodcraft Folk. Find out more about alternative outreach ideas on our outreach guidance page.

From here you will find guidance and sample plans for outreach activities such as school assemblies and tasters, running stalls and PlayOut - Woodcraft Folk's parks outreach scheme.

Don’t forget to keep your group’s web page up to date. These pages work best when they’re updated termly.

Each registered group has their own page on the website, found by going to

Keep this page up to date and interesting with photos, term programmes etc so that when people search or other publicity directs people to it, it is effective.

Contact to become group webmaster (you must be a full member to be asigned this role). This enables you to edit the group page. You can also contact us to request a woodcraft folk email address eg:

Add info about local events to calendar Then you can share a link to the event details info via email and social media.

For more info on group communication on visit the Working Together section of the new group journey. 

You can share news about your new group by posting a news article to the website. Anyone who is a registered member can do this. 

Feel as though you understand how it works? Take the quiz.