Challenges From Home

We've launched #DreamBigAtHome!

Our new lockdown website has hundreds of activities and games to do at home, weekly challenges to try and a regular programme of live workshops and events online, as well as information on how our groups can operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.


We are proud to be launching Woodcraft Folk Challenges from home! We know that our young members (and their families) will be missing meeting with our groups and engaging with Woodcraft Folk activities. To go with our online programme we are creating weekly challenges that will require use of our aims and principles for young members and families to take part in whilst staying at home. Challenges will use cooperation, looking at nature and environment in your local area, international understanding and friendship.

If you/your young people and family complete some/all of the challenges of the week you can win yourself a badge and a certificate! All you have to do is send in any completed challenges or pictures of your young members completing challenges to we will send back a digital certificate and information on how to receive your cloth badge from Folk Office. We have also created a frame for social media profile pictures which will go live next week to say you have completed a challenge. 

Below are three challenges for this week to be completed by our young members and their families! We will add past challenges as we go so there isn't a time limit on completing them. Just let us know which challenge you have done when sending in photos and messages.

Find most recent challenges here

Week 7: (20/05/20)

Challenge 1Where could you camp at home? Is there a cosy spot in your living room? Or is there a great space under the kitchen table? What creature comforts will you need? Gather all the things that will make your night a snuggly success and share a picture with us!

Challenge 2 - Design a sign for your camp! Design a sign to decorate your camp with, what symbols might you use to represent you and your household!

Challenge 3 - Make a tiny cooker from a drinks can. Sizzle up some petite delights over your home made mini stove fired by a tea light. Share with us and use as part of our Big Camp Cook Off on Sunday!

Week 6: (13/05/20)

Challenge 1 - Track and Trail! Learn the signs for laying the trail and make one for others to follow. Can you follow one made by someone else?

Challenge 2 -  Investigating family. What makes a family? Explore knowledge of your own family and of other families. Can you make us a short video celebrating different types of families and what we all have in common?

Challenge 3 - My perfect world! What do you like about the world around you? Is there anything that you would change if you could? Where would you start if you were going to change the world? In your home, your local area? Let us know!

Week 5: (06/05/20)

Challenge 1 -  Add to the biodiversity in your area! Find a space in which you can plant a range of wild flower and wild grass seeds or make more comfortable to support local biodiversity. This could be planting seeds in pots (or yoghurt pots) to put on your window sill at home, or a planter or bed in your garden, allotment or maybe an area in a park or piece of unused land. You could also try making an area more attractive to more species and see who you attract!

Challenge 2 - To mark 75 years since VE Day we would love to see your creative skills in creating a bunting flag with a picture or words about peace and what it means to you to take this opportunity to celebrate peace and a future end to all wars.

Challenge 3 - World Fair Trade Day is this Saturday! This is a great time to say a big thank you to all of the farmers and workers who produce our food and drink! This Fairtrade challenge is to create a Thank You card or poster or banner to the farmers and workers who are working hard to provide us with our food and drink at this time.


Week 4: (29/04/20)

Challenge 1 - How has lockdown helped to reduce your carbon footprint? Let us know through video, pictures or description. Are you using the car less, travelling less, having more time to sort the recycling?

Challenge 2 - Rainbow home challenge! Can you create a rainbow out of objects in your home or items you find on your daily walk? Some examples below.

Challenge 3 - Helping others challenge! We want to see through video, picture or description how you are helping others during these times. Are you helping out at home? Or maybe helping others in the community? If you aren't already then use this challenge as a good way to start.


Week 3: (22/04/20)

Challenge 1 - Span the world with friendship challenge. We want you to write a postcard to someone to show you care. This could be someone less fortunate than yourself, someone in a care home or in the hospital or a friend or family member who you haven't seen for a while. 

Challenge 2 - Nature faces! Can you make a face using just nature. See the examples below and be as creative as you can!

Challenge 3 -  Earth Day challenge. To celebrate 50 years of Earth Day. Can you make your next meal vegetarian/plant based? Let us know what you come up with and how it tastes!


Week 2: (15/04/20)

Challenge 1 - Mark the 75th annerversary of concentration camp Bergen-Belsen being liberated by designing and painting a stone.

Challenge 2 -  I sing and dance challenge. Can you perform a song from the song book OR re-write the words to another song to be about Woodcraft Folk OR perform/make up some actions to a Woodcraft Folk song.

Challenge 3 - From our WeCan resource - have a go at creating an eco brick with all the plastic that you and your people at home use over the next week, the brick can be donated to organisations using them or used in your home or next project!

Week 1: (08/04/20)

Challenge 1 - Make an Easter egg for walkers to see in your window and count how many they can spot whilst out on their daily excercise. How many can you spot in other people's windows? 

Challenge 2 - I See and Know challenge. This challenge is taken from one of our badges. We want to know if you can spot (and name) 5 different types of tree, 5 different flowers and 3 different birds out on your daily exercise or from your garden. 

Challenge 3 - Name the famous character. Below are some figerines of famous characters from books and films. See how many of the 25 you can name!