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If you're a district treasurer/district co-ordinator, do you think about your core costs - rent and group registration, for example? Have you considered how many children you need to make the district sustainable? Do you know what the minimum number of children you need to cover the core costs is?

As part of the new groups project, we were thinking about concepts like 'unfilled places' in our groups, which we felt was quite a different way of thinking to many Woodcraft groups, which are often run for the numbers that turn up, with no particular target for membership or strategy for achieving it.

These ideas were shared with General Council and with members at a workshop at the Folk Assembly. Owen Sedgwick-Jell, Project Manager for the New Groups Project, has produced an Excel spreadsheet to help districts set budgets. There are two parts, firstly a budget tool which looks at the core costs (rent and group reg) and the subs income for groups to generate a rough and ready forecast for the district's finances, plus some suggestions for the additional costs that groups might need to consider. Secondly, some break-even calculations - a ready reckoner that looks only at the core costs and indicates the minimum numbers that you would need to have in your group to cover these, including a couple of worked examples to show how groups can use it to help their planning.

The spreadsheet is attached - please download, use and share.

Group Budget Tool.xls48 KB
Example new groups budget (1).xls37.5 KB