Brighton Woodchips During Lockdown

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"We now have a woodchip group, called Rainbow Woodchips which meets via zoom on Friday mornings at 11am. The woodchips chose and voted for the name and last Friday they made some rainbows especially for our group, which you can see above. We have our 4th meeting this Friday and will continue until the end of lockdown.

As a District most groups kept going through the Easter holidays and so are now well established with Zoom, and I think this will continue until the end of lockdown as the children enjoy the very personal nature of these meetings and we have even found we can do things that we couldn't manage under normal circumstances, like a pets session.

It is certainly quite challenging finding which games will work over zoom, and which won't, but we have had a lot of fun.” - Sarah - Brighton

Bighton Woodchips Rainbows200.21 KB