Bitesize training - Fundraising session plans

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This training session is an introduction to Fundraising for treasurers, group leaders and helpers. 

To run this session you will need: 

By the end of the session, volunteers will: 

  • Explore different ways to fundraise money for their groups and district
  • Know where to access grant funding 
  • Feel more confident to complete a funding bid 

For more information on Fundraising for Woodcraft Folk go to:

Funding Workshop Session plan 1.doc45.5 KB
Funding Workshop Session plan 2.doc43.5 KB
Funding Opportunities.pdf162.05 KB
Steps to a successful funding application.pdf259.81 KB
Planning your funding bid.pdf126.54 KB
Common reasons for funding bid failure.pdf176.72 KB
Hot Air Balloon exercise.doc47.5 KB