Keeping financial records etc

This page provides resources to help you maintain good financial records.

Please find available for download below:

  • Income and expenditure sheet
  • Bank reconciliation sheet
  • Subs payment tracker

More advice and guidance can be found in the Treasurer's Handbook available here

Please also find below two versions of a blank 'accounts book spreadsheet' and a worked exampled of the spreadsheet. This spreadsheet was published a few years ago but you may still find it useful. 

A District Treasurer webinar (recorded Jan 2017) can be accessed here (a webinar specifically about the annual financial return, recorded in Jan 2018, can be found here). 

If you have any questions, contact

Income and expenditure sheet (Nov 19).xls48 KB
Bank reconciliation sheet (Nov 19).xls53.5 KB
Subs payment tracker.xls25.5 KB
Blank accounts book spreadsheet, including guidance notes (2016 update) vpublished150119_0 (3).xls85.5 KB
Accounts book spreadsheet, with some key terms explained (2015) vpublished.xls324 KB
Worked example of an accounts book spreadsheet (based on 2015 accounts book) vpublished (2).xls64.5 KB